What are your favorite gemstones to work with?

My pieces consist of incorporating Swarovski Crystals together with semi-precious gemstones. It's an earthy yet luxurious mix, an effortless masterpiece to be worn at any occasion. My all time favorite stone to work with has to be Amethyst. It's  a very calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to promote calm, balance, and peace. A finished collection is such a peaceful and heartwarming feeling. I hope to transmit to my clients together with that glamorous and loveable touch.

What inspired you to start ZSAZSA?

ZSAZSA was born from my passion for art. The name itself comes from my name "Zsa Zsa". I always knew I was meant to work with my hands, I had to always touch and feel and know how things are made. As my number one, drawing has always been the candy to my soul. & having a basic liking for everything girly throughout my life, jewelry has always spiked an interest in me. In 2012 I discovered handmade jewelry, while traveling and socializing. I was inspired by the hand work, the materials and mostly the gemstones. From then on I was determined to make beautiful pieces reflecting the modern and relaxed island lifestyle.